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Choosing the Right Weightlifting Bar

Most people are not aware that there is more than one type of weightlifting bar that can be found on the market.
A person who is just starting to buy exercise equipment for their home gym might find it hard to figure out which design is suitable for them. To help you decide which weightlifting bar design is for you, keep reading.

Olympic Bars

Olympic bars are created to meet the standards of bars used in Olympic competitions. The steel used in this type of bar provides a little more whip. Plus, compared to other exercise bars, it is also easier to spin an Olympic bar while lifting. In case you plan to do any front squats in your exercise routine, this type of exercise bar is your best option.

Standard Bars

Standard bar is the perfect choice for beginners. This design is what can be usually seen in gyms and most people can readily identify. It can be used for a wide variety of purpose. For instance, it can be used with freestanding weightlifting, weight benches, and for doing squats. This standard bar can sometimes be also partially knurled or grooved, which made it easier to maintain the strong grip during use.

Hex Bars

Hex Bars which are also called trap bars has a center portion shaped like a hexagon. This design allows the user to be in the middle of the Hex Bar and use the center of gravity to give an extra lift. There are plenty of users who likes this type of exercise bar as it gives them the ability to move through an exercise routine with lesser risks to the joints.

If you want to add variation and fun into your exercise routine, invest in a few exercise bars. You will see how they work and the difference that it can bring into your exercise routine. It will also not take long before you start seeing the results in your muscle strength and physique.

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