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Body Weight

Why It Makes Sense To Use Equipment that Relies on Body Weight

One of the most forgotten workout support is body weight. There are various exercises that utilize the natural weight as a means to give the resistance needed to produce results. Most of all, the material needed is usually easy to use and can be easily stored. Here are some models to consider:

Push Up Bars

These handy bars give something to grip while performing push-ups. The slight angle seen with many designs also helps improve resistance. That results in efficiently strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles.

Gym Rings

Hanging a set of gym rings from the ceiling paves the way for expanding the variety of exercises to add to a routine. Swinging, lifting, and other types of movements make it feasible to tone the arms, chest, shoulders, and even the abdominal muscles.

Inversion Equipment

Inversion exercises aid in building leg strength together with strengthening the glutes and working the abdominal muscles. Several people discover that inversion boots and similar tools also help in keeping the back stronger and more agile.

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