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Adding Variety to Workouts: Using Rigs and Accessories

It is possible to add more variation to your exercise routine by adding rigs. Rigs are frameworks that can make your exercise more fun and enjoyable. If you are unsure what type of rig to get or why it should be a part of your home gym, continue reading….

Wall Ball Targets

Wall Ball is an accessory that uses a ball that strikes the floor and then bounces back to strike a target. This type of attachment can be used in improving aim and response time. It involves your whole body as you move around to gather the ball for another toss. Other than using it for exercise, you can also use a wall ball target to play a game.

Monkey Bars

Monkey bars can be used for chin-ups, swinging, stretching and other physical activities. They are also ideal exercise equipment if you want to do some quick workout on rest days. It can support a higher amount of weight as it is made out of high-quality metal. Other than that, Monkey Bars are also exceptionally durable and can last for years. It is extremely easy to install too!

Angled Rigs

You can also invest in an angled rig along with square rigs. The design of an angled rigs are more versatile when it comes to exercise that can be done with the use of the framework.

Look at some of the rigs and accessories to help you think of ways on how you can put them in good use in your workout routine. With the right choice of rigs and accessories, it will ensure you that your workout routine will always be fun.

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