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What Types of Exercise Routines Can Be Done with Cable Machines?

Cable machines provide the resistance that you need to work on different muscle groups. You can also invest in accessories and attachments that can increase the function of a machine, effectively turning the cable machines into a home gym all by itself. To give you an idea of the routines that can be done with the right cable machine, keep reading.


Cable machines can also be useful in doing squats. Simply adjust the tension and it will give you a greater resistance and effects. This can also help in making your thighs and lower leg muscles stronger. On top of that, squatting can also help in making the mid section of your body more firm.


A rowing attachment gives the same kind of movement that happens when someone is rowing a canoe across a lake. The constant movements assist in strengthening the muscles in the back, forearms, and your upper arms. This type of exercise routines can also help in defining chest areas and your pectorals.

Pull Downs

Pull downs involve gripping handles while the arms are raised and then lowering them until the hands are level with the thighs. The resistance that is released by the cables helps in working the muscles that are found along the fronts and backs of your arms. On top of that, it can also help in making the muscles around your neck and shoulders more firm.
Take a look at some of the cable machines today and learn more about the exercise routines that can be done using them. Thanks to the features found on these types of equipment, being able to work through various routines without doing a bunch of adjustments will be easy.

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