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Dumbbells are the most popular pieces of equipment for weightlifting. They are inexpensive but very versatile and extremely easy to use. They are smaller than barbells which makes them much safer to use. This is probably why fitness experts tend to recommend them more for beginners. While barbells help you lift much heavier weights, dumbbells help you stabilize your strength imbalance.

We have Adjustable Dumbbells, and we have Fixed Dumbbells. Adjustable Dumbbells are the ones that require spin locks and collars. These types of dumbbells are partnered with weight plates and are the best space-saving option. You only need a pair of adjustable dumbbell handles and just a couple of weight plates and you can get right on to your workout. The best thing about these adjustable dumbbells is that you do not have to worry about them not fitting into a narrow space in your room. You may assemble and disassemble them quickly whenever you wish to and keep them even in a tight little space.

Fixed Dumbbells provides the most convenience if you do not want to be bothered changing the weight load every now and then during your workout, then these will probably suit you best. We have rubber, CPU, polyurethane and cast iron.

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